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Copyright plays an essential role in protecting your intellectual property if you are the owner of an artistic work. The San Diego Copyright registration attorneys at T-Rex Law can help you understand your rights. Each artistic work is unique and our attorneys are here to help you protect them. Call (858) 220-2345 to discuss your rights.

What is a Copyright?

Copyrights are the rights granted upon creation of artistic works, including logos, books, films, software code, website design, etc. Copyrights are granted upon the creation of an artistic work but preparing and filing a U.S. Copyright application and obtaining a U.S. Copyright registration grants you significant additional benefits. These benefits include the right to statutory damages which can be up to $150,000 per infringement as well as the right to bring a lawsuit in federal court.

Why File a Copyright Application?

Protecting the Copyrights in any logos associated with your business is essential because, unlike trademark law, Copyrights are not tied to particular goods or services. Infringing a Copyright occurs through any copying, distribution, etc. of a Copyright – and not just through selling similar goods in association with a similar trademark.

Our San Diego Copyright attorneys are experts in the preparation and filing of U.S. Copyright applications. U.S. Copyright applications are complicated documents and have numerous fields that can easily trick someone that is unfamiliar with the process.

We also help ensure the chain of title in your Copyrights is in order. Copyrights generally vest in the author, but there are certain exceptions to that general rule. This means that, if you have commissioned someone to prepare artwork, a logo, etc. for your business, that author generally owns the Copyrights in and to the work until the Copyrights have been assigned to your business. We are all too familiar with the online “for hire” artists that may or may not grant you the actual Copyrights to your works.

At T-Rex Law, we also assist in negotiating licensing agreements for authors, publishers, and other owners of artistic works.

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Our Copyright registration attorneys can help you understand the scope of your Copyrights granted to you upon creation of an artistic work. We can help you more fully protect those rights by preparing and filing a U.S. Copyright application. Contact us today to see how we can help. (858) 220-2345.