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I have dealt with my fair share of I.P. Attorneys over the years and I can attest that Rex Brabson, is hands down, the best that I have consulted with. I know of no other I.P./trademark attorney who is more knowledgeable, courteous, and professional than Rex. His knowledge of trademark laws, litigation, and the workings of the TTAB are immense. If you’re looking for a super-solid Trademark lawyer, your search is over and you can take a deep breath and relax. The questions that you have about your issue, and the next steps to take, all of that is answered and done reasonably, if you hire Rex Brabson.


Rex and his team were excellent with my trademark application and answered every question I had. They cared and wanted to truly help with all of my concerns. I will be working with them again. Thank you!


We highly recommend T-Rex Law. The level of professionalism, understanding of the situation and proactive approach was superb. Rex not only approached - what is seemed an unsurmountable issue - with the outmost calm and clear strategy; he also gave us such a clear picture of different outcomes and perspectives. A pleasure working with him. We will definitely use his services again if the need arises.

Geoffrey & Gabriela

Rex provided a very professional level of service. He kept me in the loop of all happening of my trademark issue and provided sound advice on next steps in the process. I would highly recommend his services.


Very professional, knowledgeable as it relates to your business protocol. Received quick responses when needed and always available to communicate. Kept me informed on every aspect of the process. Very cost effective. I would truly recommend to anyone. Thank you for your service.

Adelaide M.

Love Rex. The best. Easy to work with. Incredibly intelligent and hard working. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with a real IP expert! Thanks for all you do for the community!

Michael F.

Rex contacted me shorty after filing a petition for cancellation to offer any legal assistance or answer any questions pertaining to filing the correct documents. I can not explain how helpful and knowledgeable he was with helping me navigate the complex process. I am one step closer to getting the trademark name I was fighting for thanks to Rex. 5 out of 5 stars!

LeeAndrah S.

Very professional, communicative and knowledgeable - gets the work done!

Erez S.

Smart, responsive and helpful! Was upfront with potential options and deliverables. Communication was concise via email. Would recommend.

Selms A.

Rex was so helpful in advising me on my options involving trademark opposition against my trademark. There were some options I would not have known about had Rex not pointed them out. Even with follow up questions Rex was gladly willing to answer my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Rex for trademark issues.

Jim W.

Rex was an excellent ally to have when my registration got hung up in opposition and later when I needed help with a formal cease and desist letter. He was down to earth, personable, and extremely responsive. Flat fee pricing made it easy to stay within my budget. I would not hesitate to use his help again in the future and would recommend him to friends, family, and colleagues.

Kari S.

We highly recommend T-Rex Law. Rex was understanding of our situation and helped immensely through our registration of our trademark. He was very prompt and professional and kept us up to date each step of the way.

Thomas D.

I’m so very lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Rex!! The legal advice and his flat rate fees are superior to any other law firm that I have worked with. Rex is very personable and gets the job done efficiently.

Phillip H.

If you need a Trademark Attorney please call him. I promise you will not be disappointed! Great experience. Very informative. Great patience and understanding. Rex gave me a consultation and he was extremely professional, patient and well informed and his insight was very much appreciated. This firm has exceeded my expectations by far. I finally got all of my trademark issues straightened out, that my other firm screwed up. The other firm had an amazing website, cited all of these credentials, showed a long client list but failed to move the ball any further than I did on my own with opposing counsel; then after charging me a large fee, the other attorney wanted more money; double what Rex charged. Bottom line, I consulted with Rex on my case, he was extremely responsive and the outcome was great. I highly recommend him if you want results! I'll be sure to turn to him for more trademark services down the road and highly recommend him for any first time trademark applicant and/or challenges, like I was. Trust me, being a first timer utilizing a trademark attorney was scary and although I did experience a bad situation with another attorney; Rex understood my concern and apprehension about engaging another counsel and made sure I was comfortable and I never felt pressure.

Mike B.

I had the pleasure of working with Rex on several trademark matters. He was hard-working, professional, meticulous, and extremely dedicated to his clients. Above all, Rex is just a good guy. He is honest, friendly, and drama-free. I highly recommend Rex Brabson for anyone interested in trademark registration, monitoring, or enforcement.

John J.

This review has been a long time coming! T-Rex law is amazing. Rex is on top of his game and really knows his stuff. I highly recommend him. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Melissa J.

Rex provided quality work for a fraction of the price that these larger law firms do. He was able to guide us out of a trademark dispute and we were able to settle with the opposition to obtain our trademark.

Jaemar R.

Rex is fantastic! Last year, during the beginnings of the pandemic and all of that chaos, it came to my attention that we had a trademark dispute that needed resolution. I had no experience in resolving these matters and this one was international, with a firm in South Korea, so I was completely clueless as to how to proceed. But Rex reached out to me - a great first impression! - and we had a conversation to get aligned on a plan, and he took it from there. After some back and forth, our two companies executed a mutual agreement, and I am very happy with the result! I would definitely recommend Rex and I'll be absolutely referring people to him in the future, and relying on him should that day come again!

George C.

What a great outcome! I appreciate so much all your help defending my trademark. Stellar work.

Howard G.

OUTSTANDING, EXCEPTIONAL ATTORNEY! T-Rex handily dispatched our case against a large organization, anticipating and out-performing the opposition. Five stars does not adequately award the professional value of this Attorney!

Ross M.

T-Rex Law is AMAZING! I used to them to represent me in trademark court and they took the time to explain everything to me so I could make decisions with full confidence. I highly recommend.

Maya L.

Rex solved a very complicated trademark issue for me and I was very impressed with his professional knowledge. Highly recommended!

Joao A.

T-Rex was very attentive to my case and his prices are very reasonable. I’m very glad we found him.

Joy F.

Amazing IP genius! So grateful for Rex. Highly recommended. Feel free to reach out if you want to know how awesome he is.

Jieshen F.

Worked with me on very complicated trademark issues and has gone above and beyond. Rex is incredibly intelligent and diligent.


Rexford is deserving of more than five stars. T-Rex Law is absolutely the Tyrannosaurus Rex of Intellectual Property Lawyers and here’s why… I registered my own Trademark in the United States from my home country of Australia and Rexford contacted me regarding an oversight in my application. I was grateful for him noticing the issue and reaching out so I decided to let him manage the trademark matters on my behalf. When a competitor attempted to register my brand name in bad faith in the United States, Rexford immediately provided me with advice on the best way to handle an extremely difficult situation in which my competitor might be able to wrangle my trademark away from me. The two year battle of my trademark dispute required a very thorough and specific response to overcome the ever increasing pressure of the other party who had invested significant resources to try and cancel my trademark. Rexford repeatedly and expertly punched holes through the opposing arguments. His intricate knowledge of trademark law and related case law far exceeded that of the competing legal counsel. With every step in the process Rexford pushed forward with a strategy and execution that left no opportunity for the opposing petitioner to gain ground, his expertise providing the fuel for eventual victory. I never could have imagined how a straightforward and legitimate Trademark application could be challenged by a competing company, and had I not allowed Rexford to handle the matter, I would have absolutely lost my brands right to trade in the massive U.S. market. I have utilised IP lawyers in various countries and there is a significant difference between a good professional lawyer and the exceptional brilliance of Rexford. His costs and terms were more than fair. Potential clients can expect personalised care and the peace of mind that their legal representative is paying attention at all times. You’ll never once feel like just another client. With Rexford and T-Rex law I feel like I genuinely have a friend that I can count on no matter what the circumstances. If Rexford is on your team then you simply have the best most professional player available, he is everything a lawyer should be and a great easygoing guy to boot. Even if I had not had a fantastic Trademark victory last week I would still absolutely recommend Rexford as the finest and most capable in Intellectual Property law. Thank you Rex for your hard work and support, for being flexible with all the elements of our working relationship and for persistence in ensuring our victory.


Fast, reliable, knowledgeable, responsive.


Polite and professional! Strongly recommended!

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